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Welcome to Community Faith Church. We are so glad that you’ve chosen this to be your home for the next few minutes. This website will give you a bit more information on what exactly is happening at the church. All the sermons, prayer lists and guides and so much more.

We trust that this visit will not be your last.

We as the “CFC” family, believe that Jesus Christ wants us to live a victorious life. He wants us to be blessed beyond our wildest dreams.

We are holy nation, royal priesthood, peculiar people… Set apart for God.

This is the season for you to step into your ordained purpose. The Word of God declares in John 14 v 12 that greater things are still to be done. Now, you might ask yourself the question, “Who will be doing the greater things?” The Bible says that when Jesus went up to Heaven, He had already prepared the disciples for what would take place. Jesus told them that they would do greater things than what He has done. The same applies to you and me. We are God’s chosen people.

When we make the Word of God our own, we allow every Word that has been spoken over those who believed in God to be in manifestation in our lives. So step into that right now and receive from God as He is pouring out His Spirit now, more than ever before.

Take that step of faith and do not focus on what is seen, but on what is unseen. Walk by faith and not by sight.

Thank you so much visiting this site. We trust that you have been blessed. We love you and you’re always in our prayers.

Yours in extending the Kingdom of God

Pastors Darrel and Charmaine Scheffers

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