Here at Community Faith Church everyone has a purpose to fulfill. Everyone plays a part in the body of Christ from the youngest to the more-matured individual. Therefore, we have our different ministries which we all could get invested in and make the body of Christ function at its optimal capacity.

So where do you fit in ?

Check out the list below and get involved in something GREAT:

· Administration

· Arts & Culture Department (Music, Dance, Drama)

· Décor

· Pastoral Care

· Landscaping

· Hospitality

· Rafa Ministry

· Media

· Security

· CFC Care

· His Heart (Kiddies)

· Youth Ignite (Senior Youth: 18-35 years old)

· APEX (Junior Youth: 13-17 years old)

As you can see there is a lot going on at CFC, so if you are a member and you would love to participate and be an active member at our church or if you would like to help or donate you could get into contact with our church office and start living out your God-given passion.

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